Leon Roulette

Leon Roulette, as a child, always had a love for the great outdoors and became interested in painting at a very early age. These two elements combined to give rise to the extraordinary and vibrant artist that he is today. His work is reminiscent of the romantic landscape painters of the 18th and 19th Century. Leon attains mystic intimacy with the subjects of his paintings, whether it is a remote windswept mountain range in Alaska, the picturesque Spanish Missions of California, a panorama of the French or Italian Riviera, or the Baroque and Roccoco style architecture of Venice.

Roulette's translation of these vistas onto canvas gives the viewer a visual feast of the beauty and the wonder that is Nature Sunlight, deep shadows, a Spanish mission under noonday sun, distant blue sky, and terracotta pots piled with magenta flowers glow red orange, white light floods the square. Dark leaves huddle against a brick column; overhead, arches move massively down a courtyard. These are the aspects of Leon Roulette's California Mission paintings. Roulette is a romantic painter of places; he searches the world for images of sunlight and color. He, like the venerable California masters Edgar Payne, William Wendt and is a classic Plein air impressionist painter.